STATEMENT: The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Nov 18, 20
STATEMENT: The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Updated 21st March 2020 
On 11th March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, to be a global pandemic. Since then, the outbreak has evolved rapidly, with governments around the world taking swift action to slow the spread of COVID-19.
The Coronavirus COVID-19 
Even as we tighten our borders and isolate all imported cases, we must also double our efforts within Singapore to prevent further spread of the virus. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has studied the pattern of transmission amongst the locally transmitted cases, and found that many were infected during events and social gatherings, and interactions between colleagues at workplaces. 
In view of this, GoLivMo will introduce stricter safe distancing measures to limit close contact and large gatherings of people in close proximity over a prolonged duration.
The well-being of our teammates and customers is our top priority so we have decided to temporarily close our offices in Singapore and Los Angeles to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These closures will go into effect from Monday, March 16th. All staff will be on a remote work-basis and responses might take longer than usual. 
We are taking additional steps in social distancing and additional safety and monitoring steps to help protect and support our teammates and customers.
Infection Rate: 22nd March 2020
In response, we are providing an updated policy to help protect our customers and creators to provide a greater peace of mind. 
Due to the escalating global impact of COVID 19, many customers may have concerns socializing in public areas. GoLivMo works closely with our Creators to secure fee-waivers for full money-back cancellations for any activities booked before the 12th March 2020. 
Please visit our Help Chat ( to apply for your refunds.
No cancellations and/or refunds will be made for bookings after the 13th March 2020. After the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 and its consequences are publicly declared and no longer unforeseen or unexpected.
New Bookings will therefore not be covered under our updated cancellation and refund policy, except where the Creator is infected with COVID-19. 
Please refer to the World Health Organization (WHO) for all updated COVID-19 Pandemic updates and information.