Creator Agreement

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LivMo Creator Details

90 / 10

Profit Sharing (%)

Creators receive 90% of each successful sale. (Does not include Card Payment / Processing Fees). LivMo's success-based business model reduces upfront risk and lowers marketing expenses for all Creators.

72 Hour

Fraud Prevention Hold

For security purposes, all proceeds of sales will be released to Creators, 72 Hours after the end of the Experience. Our fraud-prevention protocol ensures that Creators and Members are given a window to flag/settle any disputes.


Cancellation Policy

We give full autonomy to Creators to configure their own cancellation policy. Options range from "No Cancellation" to "Cancellation allowed X days prior". Creators are able to set the % being refunded upon any Cancellations.


For Security

At LivMo, security is our top priority. Creator's who verify their account, are granted a seal of trust on their experience listings. Increased Buyer confidence leads to higher sales. Together, we create a safe space Creators and Members can trust.


The LivMo Difference

At LivMo, we funnel additional sales and customers through the unique experiences we host. While other partners go after discounts, LivMo focuses on the LivMo Difference (a unique experience package) only available here at LivMo.


Marketing Budget

Sell efficiently without a huge Marketing Budget. Put your experiences in front of high purchase-intent consumers, ready to make a purchase decision.

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