Sell More.

Give your experiences added visibility with these Creator Tools.
Stand out, and help buyers find you more easily.

We make Experiences Memorable.

Our EXPERIENCE ARCHITECTS work with you to CURATE and CREATE exciting and memorable experiences that sell.

Free Experiences

Creators leverage Free Experiences to engage new customers, and get them through their doors. This gives Creators the ability to build relationships and convert customers to paying customers.

Curated Experiences

We curate Deals and Promotions that you currently have. LivMo develops unique perks and benefits for discovering and booking through us.

The LivMo Experience

The LivMo Experience is a new and unique packaged experience, not available anywhere else. Perfect for Members who demand the most out of life, or simply for those special occasions. LivMo empowers a way for all customers to Live More.

Increase Visibility.

The SPOTLIGHT section's prominent location, enables a higher volume of customers to discover your experience. To heighten awareness, LivMo also initiates a promotional email sent to LivMo's Member List.

[ SPOTLIGHT section is limited only to 10 Spotlights at any one time ]


S$250 / Day
(Minimum 2 Days)

(One Spotlight Email promo will be sent per Campaign)

(Optional Add-on) Spotlight Email: S$100 / Email

Elevate Awareness.

A FEATURED experience rises above non-promoted experiences. This is an invaluable tool if you want more visibility and sales.


S$100 / 7 Days
S$360 / 28 Days

Virtual Chat Engine

Creators leverage the VIRTUAL CHAT ENGINE to recommend the right experiences, to the right customers, 24/7, 365 days a year. The chat engine (Standalone page, and Facebook Messenger) can be programmed to present your experiences directly to buyers.


S$20 / Day

(Minimum 7 Days)

Boost Social Following and Awareness

Our VIRAL CONTEST mechanics enables a wider reach by rewarding additional entry-points through social likes, email submissions and page views.


S$500 / Contest

(30 Day Contest Period)

Social Media

We empower the discovery of exciting experiences through SOCIAL MEDIA. We bring the search to customers, instead of expecting them to come to us.

Email Marketing

LivMo utilizes EMAIL to reach our targeted database of members. We highlight exciting experiences through our SPOTLIGHT and PROMOTED email content.


S$280 / Email

WhatsApp Updates

We make use of direct messaging platforms like WhatsApp, to update members daily about new and exciting daily activities. This direct personal channel often translates to higher engagement and sales.


S$300 / Post

Coming Soon

Minimize Risk & Save

Creators leverage LivMo's Crowdfunding Tool to confirm sales. If your Experience doesn't hit your minimum targets, all buyers will be automatically refunded. We aim to empower new and exciting experiences while helping Creators minimize their risk. (Coming Q2 2020)

Coming Soon

The LivMo Magazine

We rely on CONTENT and REVIEWS, to showcase fun upcoming experiences. This creates an additional media touchpoint for Creators to tell their story and share their vision. (Coming Q2 2020)

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