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With a long history of use, aromatherapy has gone through many evolutions and perceptions attached to it. Prepared and applied in different ways, one thing is certain though - it’s been used throughout history to benefit the user, providing relief or relaxation. In modern society, it’s found itself a big market, with easy access scented candles, room sprays and diffusers.


With its beneficial properties, it is little wonder this millenia-old form of therapy fits well with yoga. Both have long histories, both provide beneficial results to the person. They are both intended to heal, balance and induce relaxation.


Different oils have different purposes, such as lavender to relax, lemongrass to center. Depending on the objectives in the class, the oils used will be adjusted accordingly. This would help you to go deeper in your practice; the aroma helps stimulate the limbic system, aiding you in your focus and self-reflection.


There are different ways about utilising the oils. There’s topical application, spritzing the room or utilising a diffuser to let it permeate the room. Each has its different results, which depending on the practitioner, would affect them differently.


Here at Jal Yoga, we opt for the topical process. How this works is that after choosing your scent, a bit will be dabbed onto your pulse points. Much like perfume, these points would allow the oil to fully waft the aroma around you. The beauty of this is that the aroma would be according to your preference and intention, rather than having the entire room with just one scent that you may not resonate with. 


This is also done lightly, enough for you to reap the benefits, without ‘clashing’ with your neighbour. 


Also, we believe in authenticity. We pride ourselves in sharing the authentic form of yoga and thus, we ensure that our oils are 100% natural and not chemical altered or synthesised. This is also to minimise any risk of allergies when applied topically. We want you to reap the best that these ancient traditions have to offer.


So join us as we embark on a journey that awakens all your senses and soothes you physically, mentally and emotionally. We truly believe that everyone can live well, and that everyone can live more with Jal.


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With its beneficial properties, it is little wonder this millenia-old form of therapy fits well with yoga. Both have long histories, both provide beneficial results to the person.rnrnThey are both intended to heal, balance and induce relaxation. Embark on a journey that awaken all your senses and soothes you physically, mentally and emotionally with the aid of aromatheraphy.


Choosing a scent suited to your preference and intention. Dabbed onto your pulse points. Practice of asanas along with the wafts of the scent.




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