Every company creates a unique customer experience.
GoLivMo is a dedicated platform to highlight and retail those experiences to more customers.


The number of customers you can reach through the GoLivMo and our Marketing Network.


Percentage of buyers who hadn't planned to attend the experience before we told them about it.


Percentage of buyers who use GoLivMo to discover, without a specific experience in mind.

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Reach more buyers with GoLivMo and our Marketing Partners Network. Upload your experience and we'll handle the rest.

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We're every company's dream, a marketing team that works solely on a performance basis. GoLivMo works hard to connect your experiences with the right buyers.

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GoLivMo provides a trusted technology solution to help market your experiences. With secure payments and fraud prevention tools, your sales and security remain our top priority.


Why are Experiences important for Companies?

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be a top priority.” – Richard Branson

Recent studies have shown that people are buying less often and less overall. Consumer habits have seen a major shift since 2013, McKinsey cities an increased ambivalence towards consumption. Buying more and more things as a source of identity and meaning seems to be gradually but consistently falling out of favor.

Consumers as a whole, are increasingly interested in experiences instead; the priority is making and sharing memories – interacting with other people and places, attending events, undertaking adventures and so on.

Savvy marketers understand that Experiences are King. There is a fundamental shift in consumer values towards experiences that bring happiness and well-being. Spending on things like travel, leisure and food service as part of the experience economy is predicted to rise to US$8.0 trillion by 2030

The latest figures from Barclays (which processes about half of all Britain’s credit and debit card transactions) show a 20% increase in spending in lifestyle activities. Spending in restaurants went up 16%, while theatres and cinemas enjoyed a 13% rise. Meanwhile, department stores suffered a 1% drop, vehicle sales were down 11% and spending on household appliances fell by 2.5%.

Society is constantly and increasingly bombarded by digital stimuli, to a point where they can often make us feel numb. Triggering a shift back to offline experiences, as online interactions become over-saturated. Digital will instead become the invisible fabric and engine of our lives, leading to the creation of physical experiences that involve our bodies, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions.

Consumers are quickly realizing that “Things fade, but memories last a lifetime”.

A recent study conducted at Cornell University found that consumers’ “evaluations of their material goods went down from the time of the initial purchase to the present, but their evaluations of their experiences tended to go up, indicative of hedonic adaptation to the possessions but something quite different for their experiences.”

The human experience – the design of all experiences – will be the new and thriving discipline. Companies, Organizations and even Charities (Creators), are looking towards experiences to engage audiences and to drive future revenue and sales. LivMo is poised to connect Creators with Consumers, who are on the active lookout for such Experiences. The goal was always to have more stories to tell and never more stuff to show.

Social media also appears to have helped accelerate the growing demand for experiences. Facebook and Instagram likes and creative snaps are now the ultimate social currency for millions, especially millennials, and the quest for likes requires a constant stream of new shareable content in the form of stories and pictures.

Experiences play into this thirst for content because they are more likely to lead to such stories and pictures than the purchase of a new product would be.

Even experiences that don’t turn out as expected— say, a long flight delay or rainy football game—eventually turn into shareable stories.

Luxury tiers are going through a similar purchasing shift. Creating a unified dream where a brand’s guests can not just partake of the brand’s values and products but commune with other like-minded individuals is a new holy-grail.

What do you give someone who can buy anything their heart desires?

Give them something they can’t buy.



What is GoLivMo?

GoLivMo (affectionately referred to as LivMo by our fans) is the global experience marketplace focused on new and exciting daily experiences. Our platform aggregates and promotes unique and extraordinary activities. We aim to connect billions of global users looking for the things they love to do, with brands, individuals and communities (Creators) who are creating experiences every day, week or month. LivMo is the platform that brings the world together and let them engage meaningfully.

GoLivMo is a play on our vision; to empower users to Go Live More.

We aim to bring together communities, empower hosts, inspire branded experiences to once-in-a-lifetime connections with sought after global experiences, that benefit worthy causes around the world. Users enjoy amazing curated experiences that enable them to do something incredible every day. We connect users with premium and authentic opportunities that go beyond ordinary.

Our core mission is to bring the world together. To close the distance between brands, communities and consumers.

How can LivMo help me?

LivMo is a global experience marketplace, connecting users who are actively seeking new and exciting experiences, with companies, communities and individuals who are creating them. By providing users with access to an exciting array of experiences, we aim to create more fulfilling lives.

LivMo is an additional advertising and marketing channel to help you increase your customer reach and to increase your revenue. To remove risk, LivMo only charges a commission when you make a sale. LivMo’s profit-sharing model (Creators receive 80% of the experience cost, excluding booking / credit card processing fees) is one of the best found anywhere in the industry.

You can also allocate an additional promotional percentage, which will allow GoLivMo increased flexibility to run additional promotions, coupons and deals.

Creators also benefit from specialized options like:

  • Creators Dashboard: Creators now have free access to our Creators Dashboard, that offers full analytics, sales breakdowns, promotions and tracking. We put power into the hands of all our Creators.
  • Event Management Tools: Creators have the option of utilizing our RSVP & Digital Ticketing tools to help them better manage their check-in’s and RSVP lists.
  • Fraud Prevention: All experiences sold are based on blockchain technology. Every purchase is digitally logged to prevent fraudulent ticketing and reselling. Your safety remains our number one priority. (Coming Q4 2020).

LivMo is a key marketing and sales channel to help you sell more. You get to create new and extraordinary experiences, and it’s our job to help you sell it.

It really is that simple.

How much can I make?

Creators make 80% of all Successful Sales (based on the experience price provided by the Creator).

All additional Credit Card Processing Fees (3.4% + S$0.50), applicable taxes will be borne by the buyer.

To provide an estimate on how much you can make on your Experiences, you can use our helpful revenue calculator.

How does the LivMo Engine help me Sell More?

The popular terms “Personalization”,  “Recommendation Engine” and “AI” have becoming a subject of some great market research projects. According to a study conducted by Salesforce in 2017, about 39% of revenue came from online shoppers who received personalized product recommendations. Personalized product recommendations mean 5 times more conversions. The study examined data from 150 Million shopping sessions.


LivMo’s Recommendation Engine (a combination of Data, User Preferences, Automated Marketing Systems and AI),  improves conversions and eCommerce revenue for our Creators. Our system also emails shoppers with a reminder mail who abandon their cart without checking out; and offering them coupons to lure them to complete their orders (if applicable to Creator).

With LivMo’s AI-powered solutions, we can predict what users want, from their real-time on-site and data-learned behavior. The more a user uses the platform, the more accurately we can suggest your relevant experiences to them.

Recommend Products based on User History

  • By displaying data-learned product recommendations according to the users’ recent history, we are reducing bounce rates and increase sale conversions for all Creators. When our recommended products reflect the tastes and preferences of our users, they feel understood and want to come back to us.

Recommend Products based on Similar Products / Keywords / Categories / Location

  • Recommending similar products helps our customers find relevant alternatives, which matches their intentions and goes on to increase Creator’s sales. When our users find similar products, they are more likely to continue with their sales journey – even when they are about to leave our site.

LivMo’s users love the personal touch and personalized product recommendations, giving them the convenience to find the experiences of their preference without putting too much effort. And you – as our Creator – can reap the benefits of increased revenue, better search rankings, reduced cart abandonments, and more conversions.

Hence, it’s time to get Personal!

How do buyers get their tickets?

LivMo understands that most Creator’s have their preferred ticketing system. We’ve worked with many of our Creator’s feedback to develop a flexible Ticket Redemption process.


Ticket Upload Portal

This is the preferred process favored by 98% of all our existing Creators. This ticket upload portal provides a simple process of getting the tickets directly into the hands of the buyers. Creator’s remain in full control to issue tickets that are in full compliance with their existing systems. [Ticket Upload Portal guide]


Custom Redemption Instructions

Creators are also given the power to define Custom Redemption Instructions to all buyers. These instructions are displayed on each experience and on the buyer’s ticket / booking confirmation. Whether its redeeming a physical ticket on site, or to connect with the buyers directly to obtain more information, this method gives full control to Creators to engage buyers directly.

Do you have buyer insights & statistics?

Here are some buyer insights & statistics that we gather from our platform. We aim to update this data every quarter.

We hope that these insights will help you sell even more!

Click here for more Buyer Insights.

What other tools does LivMo have?

LivMo has a suite of promotional tools to help you gain additional visibility to audiences.

FEATURED LISTING: A Featured Key (Paid Service) allows you to boost any of your listings on the site. A promoted listing will be ranked higher in search results, and be featured above regular non-promoted listings. LivMo’s AI Recommendation Engine will feature promotions on the main page. Listings will be personalized and rotated based on the User’s preferences selected.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Get a spotlight on our Social Media platforms. Modern users discover Experiences through Social Channels, and we give Creators a wider net to capture Audience attention.

LIVMO MAGAZINE: Get a full editorial feature on the LivMo Magazine. Content will be boosted and shared on Facebook. This is a great way for Audiences to understand the story and uniqueness of your Experience(s). We have a wide selection of writers, who will help craft the message along with you. Story features tend to give Experiences increased credibility. (Coming Q2 2019)

CROWDFUNDING FEATURE:  Traditionally, event organizers plan events with expensive upfront costs such as hiring talent, booking an event venue, and buying advertising all before they could sell a single ticket. Which means that if they didn’t sell enough tickets to make a profit, they risk losing a ton of money. LivMo aims to eliminate the financial risks of hosting an event & experience. (Coming Q2 2019)

Who are LivMo members (buyers)?

LivMo’s users come from all over the world.

Our goal is to build a global community of users looking for new and unique things to do. We started in 2018 in Los Angeles and Singapore, and aim to grow to 5 countries by 2020/2021.

Our mission is to be the Amazon of activities and experiences, connecting global users with experiences that truly matter.

From direct members, to exclusive partnerships with credit cards, banks, loyalty programs and a network of websites, our focus is to help Creators boost Sales, and engage more of the ‘right’ audiences.

Tell me more about the Crowdfunding Feature.

To alleviate risk from underperforming sales, LivMo provides Creators with a Crowdfunding Tool (Coming Q4 2020) that is built into our Marketplace sales.

LivMo aims to eliminate the financial risks of hosting an event & experience in a few ways:

  1. Allowing Creators to set a minimum sales target within an allocated time, Users will be automatically refunded (minus the standard 3.4% + $0.50 payment processing fees) should the target not be met.
  2. Creators can offer a limited number of discounted early-bird tickets.
  3. Creators can offer exclusive perks for crowdfunded experiences, to incentivize purchases. Perks can include VIP access, merchandise, and much more!

When we remove risk for underperforming experiences, we empower creators and communities to create new and exciting experiences. LivMo’s crowdfunding system is exciting because it gives users a real say in the event. It allows them to be curators, offering a sense of ownership and engagement.

What are your Payment Schedule / Fees?


GIRO (up to 5 Business Days): $0.50 / transaction WAIVED
FAST (1-2 Days): S$1.50 / transaction


CROSS-BORDER (via TransferWise)

Global Transfer (up to 7 Business Days): 2 – 6%
View Current Exchange Rate

Can you guide me through the process?

Sure! GoLivMo is all about experiences, and your Creator Experience is very important to us.

We recognize that Creator’s dislike complicated and overly time-consuming platforms and systems. While we constantly strive to make the system as simple as possible, we acknowledge that we occasionally like to be guided through the process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you along.